Handy IR + Humidity meter

UPC No. 60009
Item No. 8857

Handy IR + Humidity meter
Unique design with 3 H.V.A. C&R must parameter in 1
Repeatability:±1°C (infrared measurement)
Response time:500 ms (infrated sensing)
Operating ambient:0~50°C (humidity < 80%)
Twi levels of low battery indicators, interface of RS232.

  IR Temp RH Air Temp
Range -40~500oC 0~100% -20~50oC
Resolution 0.10oC 0.1% 0.1oC
Spec. 1 D:S=8:1 DP range: -78.7~49.9oC
Spec. 2 Emissivity Adj.
Web bulb range: -21.6~50oC