Temperature / Humidity Meter

UPC No. 60008
Item No. PM-183

*Dual display of temperature and humidity.
*Select between different temperature scales (℃ / ℉)
*Simultaneously hold both temperature and humidity readings.
*Simultaneously hold both Maximum and Minimum and Average readings (MAX / MIN / AVG) with time marks..
*Relative subtraction value (REL) function.
*Alarm (SET) function.
*Auto-power off.
*DEW-POINT and WET-BULB temperature measurement.
*Stores up to 200 readings.

*Operating Temperature and Humidity (non-condensing):
0℃ ~ 60℃, <95% RH.

*Storage Temperature and Humidity:-10°C ~ 60°C, <70% RH
*Electrical Specification Temperature:25°C, Humidity: <90% RH.
*Temperature Measurement Range:
-20.0°C ~ 60.0°C (-4.0°F ~ 140.0°F)
*Measurement Range:1% ~ 99% RH
*Accuracy:Humidity: ±3% (20~80%RH, @25°C)
±5% (<20%, >80% RH, @25°C)
Temperature: ±0.8°C, ±1.5°F

*Measurement Range:1% ~ 99% RH.