Gear Type Tube Bender

Gear Bender

- No pre-warming of pipe is required, for cold bending up to 180 degree.
- Gears make labor-saving, easy and simple operation.
- Tripod with adjustable and foldable legs.
UPC No. Item No. Description
10300 GB-14161820 Gear bender
* Mandrels: 7/8", 1", 1-1/8" & 1-1/4"O.D.tubing
*With wrench and tripod
*Packed in canvas bag
10301 GB-P1 Canvas bag for gear bender kit
10302 GB-P2 Tripod for gear bender kit
10303 GB-P3 Wrench for gear bender kit
10304 GB-14 Mandrel 7/8" asembly complete
103035 GB-16 Mandrel 1" asembly complete
10306 GB-18 Mandrel 1-1/8" asembly complete
10307 GB-20 Mandrel 1-1/4" asembly complete