How to Use the Expander Tools?

A tubing expander toolset mainly includes a handle and several expander heads within a carrying case and sometimes contains a reamer and a manual deburring device. You can save your time and money by using an expanding tool to re-round deformed pipes and fittings.

The expander handle features an easy expansion of 3/8" to 2" O.D. soft copper and aluminum tubing in seconds. Our expander tools, including Item No. 101HT-A, 101HT-B, 101HT-H, 100B-P, and 100B-H, feature light, strength-saving, and easy-carrying.

Today, this article will be demonstrating how to expand 3/8" or 7/8" copper tubing.

Step1: Screw the Expander Head on the Body

Select the expander head and attach it by simply rotating the head a quarter turn to lock it in place.

Step2: Put the Copper Tubing onto the Expander Head, and Turn the Relief Valve to Close

Prepare the copper tubing for installation by cutting the tube to the proper length using a tubing cutter. Next, use the deburring tool to remove the burr from the inside of the copper tubing.

Before swaging the copper tubing, it is important to remember it must be soft copper tubing. It is because hard drawn copper tubing is rigid and will most likely split down the tube if you attempt. However, you can avoid splitting hard drawn copper tubing by annealing the copper first. To anneal the copper, simply apply heat until the metal is cherry red and allow it to cool down. The copper is now soft and malleable and can be swaged without splitting.

Step3: Keep Pumping the Grip (Pump Handle) Until the Copper Tube Is Expanded

Copper tubing has been known to split during swaging even when using soft copper, so we recommend annealing both soft and hard drawn copper tubing before expanding. To make the inside of the expanded fitting smooth, it is recommended to extend it by half, then release rotate head in tubing and complete the expanded fitting. After the pipe is expanded, turn the relief valve to the OPEN side and then loosen the expander head.

What Product Can You Use?

We offer various types of hand-held manual pipe expansion tool kits. This tool is used to expand pipes to make plumbing connections. Being one of our best-selling tools, these manual expansion tools make an ideal partner for your low and medium production quantities. Contact us for further details or request a quote.

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